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Fuck SUVs!!! They are NOT penis enhancers, nor are they safer!!

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RAVE: SUV's, for every 1 there are 2 more

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Date: 2004-01-26, 3:47PM EST

That's funny. I saw 2 SUV's this morning, while waiting 45 minutes for my late bus (who was driving safely), not only lose control, but slide down the hill. One of them rolled over some bushes... easily defeated. However the telephone pole that he attempted to take out next? That didn't work out so well. After the engine stopped running, because of the now smashed in front end, he got out and looked amazed that it had happened!

The Second one, yes, I said there were 2! The second one tried to stop as well, sliding, almost directly in the same line, over the same _now flattened bushes_ into the back of the other SUV! The 5 of us at the bus stop all started CHEERING. 1 SUV completely totaled in front and back, and the other pretty much t-boned onto the back end of the first!

RAVE: Darwin
RAVE: Nobody was seriously hurt
RAVE: 2 less dead dino sucking tools
RAVE: 5 people laughing at the 2 sad excuses for drivers

RANT: Sad that people in SUV's think they can do stupid things JUST because they have SUV's. The problem lies somewhere between the steering wheel, and the seat.

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